About us

The Interfaith Youth Network of Nigeria (IYNON), formerly known as Abuja Interfaith Youth Network (AIYN) is the Youth wing of the Abuja Interfaith Peace Building Forum founded by His Eminence John Cardinal Onaiyekan (Catholic Archbishop of Abuja) and His Eminence Muhammadu Abubakar (Sultan of Sokoto, always and ably represented by The Executive Secretary of National Mosque) in 2008. It is a Network of Interreligious Youths from different Religions, tribes and cultures in Nigeria who come together to advance the work for Peace founded in 2012 through the special instrument of Rev Sr Agatha Chikelue and few other women. The Network has its first Co-Presidents as Rev Fr John Sixtus Okonkwo and Abubakar Muhammad Sarki with other Executive members. During the General election in 2016, new members of the Executive were elected with the Co-Presidents unanimously re-elected into the same office.

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Oooo genuine Love is the root of the lives of those who change the world. We are all brothers and sisters of different faiths. We promote peaceful coexistence. Through our different faiths and common action, we unite to foster peace. Therefore, I will not fail in playing my part. Our nation shall prosper in my time. Our nation shall prosper in my time.


To create a society where Peace, Unity, Love and Justice will be promoted irrespective of Religious and Ethnic differences.


To mobilize young people, religious leaders and communities to work for peace, unity, love and justice in Nigeria.



This principle recognizes that a person, or group of persons, can represent, informally or formally, concerns of a larger community. This principle should guide relationships among the difference religious Youth’s organizations.


Participatory decision making and implementation should be guided by the concept of subsidiarity, which recognizes that local decisions and actions can be taken at the local level, national decisions and actions at the national networking level, regional decisions and actions at the regional level, and world decisions and actions at the international level.


The principle of solidarity calls upon all religions to respectfully work together in solidarity, to achieve the goals of advancing multi- religious collaboration in Africa on matters of common interest. This principle, which should guide the work of the Network, calls on its members to respect religious differences, act on deeply held and widely shared moral concerns and values, preserve the identity of each religious community and honor the different ways religious communities are organized.


The concerns and experiences of women, as well as, men shall remain an integral part of all policies, programs and decisions, so that women and men participate in and benefit equally from multi-religious cooperation such that inequality is not perpetuated. This principle enhances people-centered and needs-based multi-religious initiatives that take the different needs and perspectives of women and men into consideration.


For the purpose of effective operation and integration, there shall be Interfaith Youth Networks at State and Local Governments levels where necessary. The network shall co-ordinate activities of the interfaith at State and Local Government levels.


Membership of the Nigeria Interfaith Youth Network shall be open to all Religious persons and leaders between the ages of 14 and 40.


The National Meeting of the Network shall be held at least once every year. The meeting shall comprise of the National Executive Council members, the State Coordinators and the Local Government Coordinators. The quorum shall be a third of the members present and members shall attend in person and not by proxy. In cases of conflict in the EC the NIYNET shall rule on the decision by a simple majority.


  • Promote inter religious dialogue and continuously advance sustainable human development in the country.
  • To harness the efforts of Religious youths national and local levels by working with and through the Abuja Peace Building Forum.
  • To build capacities of young people to constructively respond to conflicts and human challenges through common action.
  • Provide a platform for religious youth leaders to contribute to the realization of peace and peaceful coexistence through promotion of multi-religious cooperation, understanding and respect in the country.
  • Encourage and facilitate the young people to building a culture of peace.
  • To mobilize Nigerian religious youth towards social justice, positive social values and progressive cultural practices.
  • To promote common religious values and respect individual religious differences.

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