About Us

The Interfaith Youth Network of Nigeria (IYNON), formerly known as Abuja Interfaith Youth Network (AIYN) is the Youth wing of the Abuja Interfaith Peace Building Forum founded by His Eminence John Cardinal Onaiyekan (Catholic Archbishop of Abuja) and His Eminence Muhammadu Abubakar (Sultan of Sokoto, always and ably represented by The Executive Secretary of National Mosque) in 2008. It is a Network of Interreligious Youths from different Religions, tribes and cultures in Nigeria who come together to advance the work for Peace founded in 2012 through the special instrument of Rev Sr Agatha Chikelue and few other women. The Network has its first Co-Presidents as Rev Fr John Sixtus Okonkwo and Abubakar Muhammad Sarki with other Executive members. During the General election in 2016, new members of the Executive were elected with the Co-Presidents unanimously re-elected into the same office.

By confronting religious ignorance and intolerance, the Network also seek other potent ways to build bridges of non-violence, promote respect for religious differences, enhance multi-religious cooperation, and empower young people to work for peaceful co-existence in the country. We have successfully carried out several well-known peace building programs across Nigeria, with particular reference to FCT Abuja. We have also appointed State Coordinators in few states within the Country.


The Interfiath Youth Network of Nigeria is affiliated to World Council of Religious Leaders-Religions for Peace (New York, USA), African Interfaith Youth Network (Nairobi, Kenya),Cardinal Onaiyekan Foundation for peace (Abuja, Nigeria)

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